Construction Inspection

The QCI Group™ has a team of experienced Resident Project Representatives (RPR) who provide daily monitoring and reporting of construction activities. These comprehensive, on-site recordings ensure that the construction process adheres to all pertinent plans, specifications and program requirements. The RPR's prepare detailed, daily inspection reports which document field conditions, contractor performance and material usage. These reports provide a record of all project activities, and serve as the primary basis for contractor payment and the acceptance of completed work.

Contract Administration

The QCI Group™ can provide Contract Administration for architectural and civil infrastructure projects in both the public and private sectors. These duties include comprehensive administrative project management to assure compliance with applicable laws, project standards, and specifications. In addition, our Contract Administrators monitor the project schedule and budget, the coordination of materials, all required testing, project acceptance and the closeout process. Contract Administrators also monitor and document minority participation and prevailing wage requirements.

Construction Management

The QCI Group™ maintains a diverse team of construction professionals and licensed engineers to provide comprehensive Construction Management services to our clients. Construction Management services work as an extension of the project owner’s staff in the overall management and coordination of architectural or civil engineering construction projects. Services include: establishment and monitoring of project schedules, acquisition and management of professional service providers for design plan development, preparation of construction contract bids and management of the bid-letting process. Construction Management services also provide active, on-site project management and coordination of all construction activities.

Construction Engineering

The QCI Group’s™ team of staff engineers provide Construction Engineering services on civil engineering and architectural projects. Our staff is licensed and carry credentials in a variety of states. Our experience and staff extend to projects across the nation. Our Construction Engineering team provides constructability and value engineering reviews of construction contract documents with overall construction project management and inspection. We also offer the project owner engineering guidance.

Owner’s Representation

The QCI Group™ has an experienced team of staff engineers and construction professionals that provide comprehensive Owner’s Representation services to public and private sector clients. We ensure that your projects will be completed in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal requirements. We serve as the client’s contract manager on public or private sector civil engineering and architectural projects. We share the mutual goal of wanting the project completed on-time and within budget. Our team represents the interests of the project owner independent of the designer or general contractor. Our staff makes recommendations and advises the project owner on engineering and design, project schedules and scope, project budgets, claims, regulatory compliance, and administrative contractual issues.